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Customizing Your Tiramisu

No tiramisu is perfect unless you get to decide exactly what goes into it!
Choose your desired wetness, alcohol and sweetness levels by adjusting the respective icons.

Sir Antonio’s recommended recipe is chosen by default when you pick the flavor of your tiramisu. Any additional alcohol level is chargeable at $7 per additional level per order.

* Do also note that alcohol level adjustment is not available for Strawberry, Matcha, Lemon Lavender, Kaya, Durian, Baileys and Cinnamon flavor.

Our Flavours

  • Baileys
    Specially created by Sir Antonio for those who like a little extra kick of creamy liqueur in their sweets.
    Indulgent and decadent made from high quality semi-sweet dark chocolates.
    Who would have thought the sweet hint of spice in the cinnamon would go so well with a tiramisu?
    The King of Desserts meets King of Fruits. Rich, creamy and intense.
    A malted milk flavor that is mildly sweet and creamy.
    Popular local breakfast spread. A wonderful concoction of pandan and coconut.
    Lemon Lavender
    A zesty and aromatic combination of fresh lemon juice and lavender flowers.
    Using only top grade green tea powder from Japan. It is fragrant, with a bittersweet aftertaste.
  • Milo
    A chocolatey and malt barley blend rich in nutritional values.
    Forget about the twist and dunk, savour the all-time favourite cookies and cream in a tiramisu.
    Traditional Italian tiramisu made from the perfect combination of espresso and alcohol.
    Using only fresh strawberries, here is our refreshing and healthier twist on tiramisu.

MiniHero $3.5 - $4.5

They say good things comes in small packages, we cannot agree more! These little MiniHero are made to brighten your day or to spell out what you want to say in the sweetest way (pun intended) with customisable alphanumerical character stencils. Minimum order of 3 applies.
Capacity: 50ml

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MommaHero $7.5 - $9.5

Tiramisu in our signature packaging – sealed in a jar to retain the cake’s moistness and goodness! Perfect for parties and gatherings. Capacity 150ml

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NonnaHero $17.5 - $22.5

With Momma, there will always be a Nonna. NonnaHero is the bigger and bolder version of our signature MommaHero, made just for insatiable tiramisu lovers who cannot stop at just a MommaHero!

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BucketHero $27 - $34.5

Double the fun during parties or playtime with our pint-sized tiramisu! Good enough as an unconventional birthday cake, the BucketHero is made to steal the limelight at any parties or gatherings. Complimentary stencilling available. Capacity: 650ml

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CamoHero $24 - $34.5

Who can forget these toy soldiers that accompanied us through our childhood years? Relive those fun times with our theme-party special CamoHero, served in the good ol’ mess tins!

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Hero (Classic Cake) $38 - $64

This pretty tiramisu cake will add joy to every occasion.
Available in 6″Hero (5 to 7 pax), 7″Hero (8 to 11 pax) or 9″Hero (12 to 15 pax) to suit parties of different sizes (Select size below)
Comes with complimentary stencilling of your choice. Don’t forget to tell us how old you’ll be!

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Choose Your Flavour

Customize Your Tiramisu







Previously a financial planner and blogger respectively, Aileen and Peggy were unified by the dream of having their very own cafe. Their vision for The Tiramisu Hero is to create a pretty, cosy, unpretentious and fun environment for foodies to be the glutton and food photographer they have always wanted to be.

The dessert, which means “pick me up” in Italian, is a personal favourite for the two owners. Tiramisu is timeless and a classic Italian dessert which can be rich but moist and light at the same time. To bring a twist to this traditional sweet, the heroines came up with a whole fare of different flavours!
Other than allowing customization of alcohol content, sweetness and wetness levels for the tiramisu recipe, The Tiramisu Hero also offers other variations of the dessert – each made with different flavours infused into the rich mascarpone cream cheese.
Aileen and Peggy are also always on the mission to come up with new and interesting flavours to tickle their customers’ taste buds!

Rolling with Sir Antonio!

Private Events @ The Tiramisu Hero

– Weddings, birthdays, corporate events, photoshoots etc
– Delectable selection of sweet and savoury dishes
– Buffet / canapé style
– Up to 55 pax in capacity
– Audio/video support

Psst! We also provide tiramisu-making classes for our corporate clients!
All you gotta do is ask!

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