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Previously a financial planner and blogger respectively, Aileen and Peggy were unified by the dream of having their very own cafe. Their vision for The Tiramisu Hero is to create a pretty, cosy, unpretentious and fun environment for foodies to be the glutton and food photographer they have always wanted to be.

The dessert, which means “pick me up” in Italian, is a personal favourite for the two owners. Tiramisu is timeless and a classic Italian dessert which can be rich but moist and light at the same time. To bring a twist to this traditional sweet, the heroines came up with a whole fare of different flavours!

Other than allowing customization of alcohol content, sweetness and wetness levels for the tiramisu recipe, The Tiramisu Hero also offers other variations of the dessert – each made with different flavours infused into the rich mascarpone cream cheese.
Aileen and Peggy are also always on the mission to come up with new and interesting flavours to tickle their customers’ taste buds!